Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, and Micro-business Owners:

  • Do you want a website that delivers real business prospects to you regularly?
  • Do you want to take your business to the next level with a kick-ass website?
  • Do you want a fresh website that changes with your business needs and conveys your business message?
  • Are you confused about all the web technology options available and not sure which are best for you?

Though you have a great business and know you need a website, you might not be sure of the best way to set up your website to deliver actual business value, rather than just acting as an expensive electronic brochure. And once you have your website up, keeping it fresh and getting visitors that turn into paying customers can be a challenge.

The good news is that there is an optimal way to set up your website that matches your business and goals, and facilitates continual interest in what you have to offer. There are ways you can gather prospects right from your website - even if they aren't yet ready to buy. Also, you can get tons of interested website visitors without spending a fortune on online advertising.

The solution to all your website frustrations and disappointments is not as complicated as you might think. Find out what you need to do to maximize your website ROI.

If you are eager to get a website that give you more visibility and more clients, contact me now to discuss your unique business needs and how I use an integrated full service program to systematically improve the quality of your web presence with a step-by-step system that doesn't rely on a huge monthly advertising budget.

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This Week's Article: "Creating a Multi-Lingual Business Website"

The very nature of the internet is world-wide, and multi-lingualism is becoming more common in most countries. Does it make sense for your business to become multi-lingual?

The Basics of Meta-Tags: What They Are & Why You Need Them

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